You can absolutely find the extraordinary love you’ve always wanted

What if you could finally find the love you’ve been looking for? And not just ordinary love, but a next-level love beyond anything that you’ve ever imagined: deep, peaceful, easy, and totally fulfilling.

Are you ready to escape the endless painful cycle of going date to date and relationship to relationship to get what your heart and soul really want?

If you’re ready to find that type of love, you’ve come to the right place.

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How I found next-level love

How one small decision changed my life forever

I’m just like most of you. I had a long-term relationship (20 years in my case) that eventually broke up.

We started out in love, but it ended up being passing love, not lasting love.


Exiting my marriage, I knew that I wanted more. I had long waited for the chance to start again.

I was determined to have an amazing relationship. Determined to be loved in the way I needed. Determined to have tranquility, harmony and ease. Even though my marriage had failed, I still had hope.


But I didn’t know where to begin.

I wasn’t much of a barfly and I had a pretty small social circle.

I had heard that online dating worked for some people, and it seemed as good a starting place as any.

Why not give it a whirl? So I opened a account, wrote a profile, dropped in a few pictures, and figured that would start the ball rolling in the right direction. That one decision changed my life forever.

It was pretty exciting, and a little nerve-wracking, to start dating again. Meeting strangers whom I knew little about was always awkward.

Honestly, most of the dates were pretty bad. Some dates had just enough connection to make for an enjoyable evening. The way I dated resulted in slow and lackluster dates.

That trend lasted all of three months until an evening in January 2008 turned my world right-side up and profoundly changed my life.

And that’s putting it mildly. I had no idea that as I sat down to a first date that sixty minutes later, I would know beyond any doubt that we shared a deep, profound next-level connection.

Meeting her completely exploded all the concepts I had about what was possible in dating.

From the very first moments, our connection was undeniably compelling, powerful, peaceful, and easy.

Within two hours I knew more about her than I did my wife of 20 years – it was as if we pretty much already knew each other.

The experience taught me that everything I had been taught about dating, connection, and love was absolutely wrong. I learned there was a next level.

So, for the next three years I dated to specifically find those with whom I could experience that next-level connection, creating a system to find only those people and make sure they were the only ones that would get to first dates with me.

And during those three years I found that same next-level connection again and again and again and again, getting stronger every time as I honed the system.

By the time I got to Judy, our next-level connection was so strong that we were in love by the end of the first date. We are naturally meant for each other.

The system had worked perfectly to bring me someone with whom I shared an extraordinary epic connection and profound heartfelt love.

Love with Judy ended up being everything I wanted and way more: Easy, super harmonious, peaceful, connected affection and uber loving. It’s fulfilling in more ways than words can express.

We don’t have a relationship. We have the next-level beyond relationships: Judy and I have a Loveship.


How we reinvented dating to find next-level love

The way you date and look for love now is like shopping for clothes online. With online shopping, you find something that you think looks good, you order it, it arrives and you unpack it. The problem is that the vast majority of time there’s something wrong with it – doesn’t fit, terrible color, wrong design – so you have to send it back.

You do the exact same thing with dating: You order someone online, unwrap them at the first date, and send them back (or they send you back) because there isn’t a fit.

The difference is that returning clothes is easy. Meeting first dates and returning them? Not so easy. Constantly being the one who’s getting returned? Even worse! And while mistakenly keeping the wrong shirt isn’t the end of the world, the cost of keeping the wrong person can be the mistake of a lifetime.

Honestly, the way you date now doesn’t bring you closer to finding the love you’re looking for. Instead, it turns your love life into an endless string of expensive, painful returns.

And the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

The so-called experts have made the search for the heart way more complicated and confusing than it needs to be. Build, grow, get to know, give and take, think like a man (or woman), accept, appreciate, give space, be more intimate – are we trying to find love or learn how to win a tug of war?
It’s no wonder that you feel worn out and want to give up.

Reinventing the Search for Love


If we just stop and take a step back, the search for love can be easier, clearer, and way more successful by simply discarding all the old rules and philosophies and starting over from scratch.
You want a love that’s life-fulfilling, easy, harmonious, connected, and undying, right? A love that fits you like it was tailor-made for your heart, and soul, and mind.

In order to find a love that fits you like it was custom-made, you need to understand which type of people are custom-made for your heart and soul, and you must be able to precisely describe those people. Then, you need someone to take you to the rack that holds those particular people and show you how to select the best-of-the-best for you from that rack.

Think about it: Wouldn’t your search be so much easier if you knew precisely who to look for? Wouldn’t finding extraordinary love be simpler if your knew exactly where to find the people who share a natural connection with you? Wouldn’t your search be much less confusing if you had a precise set of steps to find those who were made for you – the people with whom you share profound alignment, natural affinity, and the deepest of loves?

They say that true love doesn’t exist

but they’ve never found true love so how would they know?



WHAT I LEARNED IS THAT YOU CAN’T BUILD LASTING LOVE. MY NEXT-LEVEL EXPERIENCE taught me that any love which needs a maintenance plan is a love that will not last. I discovered that lasting love only comes from finding someone who is naturally meant for you. In essence, lasting love is natural love, not built love.

And as I started dating to find those with whom I shared this love, my dates when from bad to amazing. Everyone else around me was complaining about their dates, and I had too, but having a next-level target changed all of that. I knew exactly what and who I was looking for, and that changed everything, including how fun and connected by dates were.

While everyone was searching blindly and having crappy date after crappy date, I was having more fun and connection dates than anyone I knew. While everyone was just treading water trying not to drown, every date I knew I was getting closer to shore.

The  Dating for True Love System

How you finally find what you’ve been looking for

The Dating for True Love System is a first-of-its-kind, thought-leading approach designed to find those who are naturally meant for you – a radically different type of love which is uncommonly harmonious, connected, and easy.

The True Love System reinvents every facet of the search for love from the ground-up using an approach that is ingeniously logical and deeply heartfelt.

The System is designed to teach you four things:

1. Clarity

A detailed understanding of where epic next-level love comes from


2. Guidance

A crystal clear description of the people who share that type of love with you

3. Community

An exact dating process to find those people

4. Training

How to select the best-of-the-best from those people 


I come away with, wow, there’s really something really powerful here. This is good stuff. I’m engaged, I’m in, and I highly recommend it. I’m clear this is going to make a big difference for people.

I confess that I purchased the True Love System on an impulse. I thought it would just be one more of the many internet dating guides I had read online. I got it because I thought it would be fun to commiserate online with others who were suffering through the tedium of online dating as I was.
Well, I was blown away. As with many great concepts, once I heard the Bloved approach, it made so much sense I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been doing it all along. Instead, I had been doing the exact opposite! I wish I had taken this course when I was 20!
Everyone who is looking for a relationship should take this course to help them avoid the heartache and find a person that fits them from the start.

It was so compelling!

It was very, very different. The part about not having to settle I found very eye opening.

You can actually have the love of your dreams—he’s out there and I can find him! It’s really a new way of looking at dating and finding true love. You owe it to yourself to give it a try because you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


The  Dating for True Love System Includes

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

All of the DTLS components are designed to work together to deliver these four simple, and extremely powerful, elements.

With the True Love System, you’ll understand who is naturally right for you, be able to separate those people from the crowd, get only them to the first date, and understand the difference between a really good fit and an incredible fit.

The DTLS is an entire ecosystem designed to get you off the hamster wheel of dating failure by leading you to an experience so powerful that it will re-write your understandings of dating and relationships. It’s a program which will restore your faith in love.

Isn’t it time for you to get off the hamster wheel of failure? take a look at your dating history chart. How much time, heartache and money have you spent in your search for lower-level love?

For the price and time of a couple of dates, you can completely change your understanding – you can discover what next level love is and who shares it with you. You can find those people and, like me, have an experience that will shatter everything you’ve experienced in the past. It’s really simple. You can continue to fail and pile more time and money on your chart, or you can learn to succeed.

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Money-back guarantee

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We’re so sure that the DTLS will change your dating and restore your hope in finding next-level love that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t see the brilliance in the Bloved approach, just return any materials we send to you and we’ll refund your money.

About BLoved

BLoved was created by….


We live in a crazy world where people are running a million miles a minute… and only a few of us are pausing to ask:

“What is real love?”

The process I teach in this program is completely different from anything else you’ve seen.

It’s about going inward to find what’s true for you and surrendering to that.

It’s about following your heart and intuition instead of your ego, mind, and society.

Registration Is Now Open.

Please Note: This Program is NOT for people that don’t want to change their dating habits.

If you’re frustrated with your current situation, but aren’t ready to take action on changing it, this is not the best program for you.

Or, if you’re looking for a more traditional dating structure and only need to do meet new people, this is also not a great fit.


Extremely refreshing. Inspiring. Stimulating. They update the old, worn-out concepts about dating that no longer apply, and paint a new, very appealing picture of how our romantic true love can be. The event gave me so much hope for the future — it was truly a life-changing event.

First of all, thank you! The way you’ve put this all together is nothing short of brilliant, and certainly a great gift to the world.

As a longtime counselor, it has become 100% obvious to me that most of my clients’ complaints about their partners (that they were desperately trying to fix or “transcend”) would never actually end up creating a real loving connection. Trying to change people doesn’t work – people are who they are. They just don’t know how to find someone who is meant for them – which is the thing you have so beautifully shown us how to do!


A new perspective that will give you freedom to find your match. Troy and Judy show you how. You will be amazed by the simple perspective, and by the amazing results.

True Love Seminar

The centerpiece of the DTLS is the True Love Event. The True Love Seminar was developed over a seven year period in front of live audiences. Now, we’ve taken the best parts of those seminar and turned them into an on-demand digital event so that everyone can finally find next-level love – the love that’s naturally meant for them.

With the on-demand version, you can watch right now and be ready to start dating radically differently this weekend. You can take it in all at once or go at your own pace. (1 ticket for 30 days unlimited access)

We also host the on-demand version LIVE from Bloved’s TV studio once a month so that you can join in and get your questions answered live during the broadcast. (1 ticket to a single event)

Your purchase of the DTLS includes both on-demand and access to the LIVE broadcast. We want everyone to clearly understand how to find their Loveship, and with the True Love Event, you’re getting the very best of what we have!

Part 1

The Modern Dating Trap

In Part 1, The Modern Dating Trap, you learn you are programmed to find relationships, not love.

The modern day search for love is a paradigm that enables and encourages you to find the best-of-the-worst for you, learning how to compromise, adapt, and cooperate your way into accepting passing love, instead of finding lasting love.

Until you escape this programming, you’ll never be able to get to the best-of-the-best love and connection that is naturally meant for you.

  • How your beliefs and conditioning about dating and love stand between you and finding the love you so deeply want.
  • The origins of the modern paradigm and how they came to be the predominate method
  • The hidden reasons why you shouldn’t follow the prevailing dating advice.

You’ll discover that because of the way the programming works, you’ll never find a Loveship as long as you continue to date the way you are today.

You’ll begin the process of unlearning how and why to stop dating for relationships is the only way to find the type of life fulfilling love you want.

Part 2

Who Shares True Love With You

In Part 2, Who Shares True Love with You, you’ll discover where true love comes from.

You’ll learn that what you are taught to want from love and what you really want from love two very different things indeed.

In this section you’ll learn what type of people share true love with you. You’ll the characteristics that define them and why they share true love with you.

  • The Patterns, characteristics, and how to measure, True Love
  • The True Love Standard – the way to know if it’s true love
  • The vast difference between building  a relationship love and finding built-in true love.
  • You don’t need to fix yourself or be ready for love. You’re ready just the way you are right now.

Part 2 will free you from the old rules and set your heart and soul free to begin the search for a love that is more than you can imagine. You’ll understand what it means to have someone be naturally meant for you. You’ll begin to understand why you’ll never have to build a relationship or grow a love ever again.

Part 3

Your The Steps to Finding a Loveship

Part 3 is the 6 Steps to Finding a Loveship.

Just as the title suggests, now that you know those who are naturally meant for you, the 6 Steps is all about finding them!

In a logical, no “woo woo” progression, the 6 Steps methodically:

  • Separates the wrong people from the right people for you
  • Gets them to the first date
  • Shows you exactly what to look for on date
  • Validates that you’ve found the right one
  • Leads to finding someone with whom you share an unparalleled connection and love. 

By Part 3 you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t been dating this way all along! Both ingeniously logical and deeply heartfelt, the True Love Event shows that the love you’ve been told is a fairy tale actually exists … and can be found!

Your fear will fade, your hope will rise, and your belief in love will be restored. It takes something incredibly powerful to make all that happen. 

It will change the way you date forever … and it very well may change your life as well.

Part 4

DTLS Guidebook, Checklist, and Flowcharts

The True Love Event wouldn’t be complete without a guidebook to keep you on track, provide insights, and provide a place to keep your notes. The guidebook contains many of the charts and diagrams from the seminar so that you’ll have a reference to remember all the most important parts.

The Executing the 6 Steps Checklist is a document that walks you action-by-action through implementing and using the 6 Steps to Finding Your Loveship.  It was designed to make the process of using the 6 Steps as easy as 1-2-3.

Our groundbreaking flowcharts detail both the entire traditional relationship process, as well as the Loveship process. With these,  you see everything you’ll ever need to know about either within single piece of paper!

That’s quite an accomplishment … and a very useful tool in seeing the differences between how you date now and how you will be dating in the very near future!

More DTLS Components

It takes more than a seminar to make a system.

The DTLS was developed with a set of tools which synergistically work to together to achieve a single goal: Finding your Loveship. 

The Mirror Effect book
($20 value)

We’ll send you a paperback copy of our published book, The Mirror Effect: More Than Soul Mates (6 Steps to Finding Your Loveship Using Online Dating). This book is an excellent companion to the True Love Event, revealing more in-depth information on everything from understanding who is naturally meant for you to how to use the 6 Steps.

Although both the True Love Event and the Mirror Effect both address the True Love System, they do it in different ways making them true companions in understanding how our radically different approch to dating leads to finding extraordinary, lasting love.

The Bloved Profile
($199 value)

There’s a lot riding on your profile.

Your profile is the only thing your fellow daters know about you, so it controls who responsds to you, the depth and meaning of their messages, who stands on the sidelines and who gets to the first date.

And if your profile doesn’t pull-in the best-of-the-best for you, then you’ll never even have the chance to find a Loveship.

But if you do it right, your profile can line you up to experience a type of connection that will shatter everything you think you know about love.

Your purchase of the True Love System includes our profile discovery and checklist which we will use to work together to craft a basic Bloved Profile designed specifically to find those who are naturally meant for you.

A new appraoch to finding love needs a new type of online profile.  With the DTLS, you’ll have your very own Bloved online dating profile.

Answers Live!
($399 value)

The DTLS comes with 6 months access to our live Q&A, support and coaching program: Answers Live! It’s your chance to get the support you need as you begin searching for love in an radically different way.

Answers Live! will give you support, remove your doubts, and help keep you moving forward and encouraged along they way to finding your Loveship.

The Mirror University
($199 value)

All DTLS purchases include lifetime access to Mirror University, our online education portal. MirrorU is the home of our video library for information on Loveships, relationships, how to avoid making mistakes, and, of course, the 6 Steps.

We’re taking one of the most innovative tools from Bloved Dating and putting it into a mobile app for you!

The Love Calculator
($20 value)

The Love Calculator is intended to help you measure the Loveship connection so that you can see the future of how a love would turn out without actually having to live it. The calculator will help you differentiate a great fit from an incredible fit.

The Loveship Calculator will be one of the most important tools on the path to finding someone is naturally meant for you.

Bloved Dating
($199 value)

Bloved Dating is our new online dating site available only to graduates of the DTLS.

Upon completion of the DTLS, you’ll receive an invitation to join Bloved Dating for free – forever. You will have full access to all the Bloved Dating’s features, there’s nothing more to pay.

We’re slowly building a community of singles who are the best, most knowlegable, highest committed group of daters on the planet. Bloved Dating will be a community of daters who all understand who is natually meant for them and use the 6 Steps in order to find it.

Bloved Dating will finally deliever the promise of what online dating should have always been.

Advanced Profiles
($425 value)

For those who want a profile that is the ultimate in finding a Loveship, we have an Advanced Profile course.

The Advanced Profile course really digs into discovering the specific traits and elements that make you who you are. This is important because the better you know your traits, the better profile you will write, and the better Loveship you’ll end up with.

The course, led personally by Judy, goes through 24 different traits and elements that make up the most important Loveship elements. Working through these elements, Judy guide you to writing a Advanced Bloved Profile that creates the greatest chance for you to find the best-of-the-best for you.

The course is open only to DTLS graduates.

Money Back Guarantee

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This is a huge thank you for your course and your personalized help, care, support and dedicated commitment to my success in finding a Loveship! It really worked!

He is just such a lovely, kind, gentle and caring man, and we would never have found each other without you and your program.

You are doing such an amazing thing. I’d say it’s God’s work, but I know I’d sound like a weirdo. To me, though, it is.


I found your discussion about the old paradigm and new paradigm very eye opening. The way you laid it out really opened my eyes as to what I did in the past that did not work.

This has me focusing on dating in a different way and really creates hope for finding my future Loveship.


Troy and Judy are by far the best dating coaches for anyone who is trying to navigate the complex dating scene in our modern age. What struck me most is that their approach to dating is based on natural affinity with a prospective partner. In contrast to the teaching that a relationship requires “work”, I learned that a relationship should feel easy and devoid of daily conflict, and they showed how it is possible to find that.

But the most important thing I learned was that I do not have to compromise or settle for anything less than what I truly want, and this teaching, more than anything else, changed what I had been tolerating for so many years. It changed my beliefs about what I deserved and what I could aim to have in my life.

It is for this reason, more than any other, that I recommend Bloved’s approach to dating to anyone who really wants to find the love of their life. Thank you both for the amazing and deeply heartfelt work you are doing in the world. Meeting you has changed my life.


  • Once you register, you’ll we’ll schedule a call with you to view the seminar so you can get started right way with your new dating plan.

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I discovered that everything I’ve been conditioned to believe about love is wrong—that it actually can be really easy, fun, and natural. That’s so awesome! It’s completely different than anything I’ve ever learned. I’m ready to go searching for what I want and not settle. I come away with a lot of hope and excitement that it’s all possible.

Now I realize what I’ve been doing wrong! I will definitely introduce the approaches you introduced to improve my dating.
Mayah Curtis


100% REFUND.

You have a full 30 days to see if the DTLS is right for you.

If you determine that it’s not, just let us know, we’ll get your money back right away. All we ask is that you work the program, implement and action steps, and if you still find it’s not getting you the results you desire, we will happily refund you 100%.


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